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Digital and Analog Call Simulation


GL's Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) is designed to work with PSTN and TDM networks. It  is a protocol simulation and conformance test tool that supports a variety of PSTN and TDM protocols such as

  • Analog Phone Simulator (APS), CAS, FXO FXS

MAPS™ supports transmission and detection of various traffic types over PSTN & TDM - such as, digits, voice file, single tone, dual tones, fax, sms, email, http, ftp, and video.

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MAPS™ Analog Phone Simulator (APS)

MAPS™ APS is the high capacity Analog 2-wire Bulk Call Generator used to test a Central Office (CO), PBX, ATAs, Gateway or other telecommunications equipment, which provide local loop interfaces. It includes a compact system comprising of MAPS™ APS, Analog Interfaces, Patch Panels and other optional modules (Fax Emulation and VQT Analysis) in a rackmount system.  MAPS™ APS system supports up to 96 independent FXO ports per 1U MAPS™ APS Server and APSCB-48. More can be achieved by simply scaling the system with a 4U MAPS™ APS Server sporting 2 Octal T1E1 Cards which can then support up to 384 analog ports.

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VQuad™ Dual UTA HD with Analog (2wire, 4wire) option

GL's VQuad™ Dual UTA HD FXO Analog option along with Voice Quality Testing (VQT) provides the complete automated network testing solution including four analog 2-wire interfaces (RJ-11) and the voice quality measurement.

VQuad™ with Dual UTA HD supports Wide Band (WB) and Narrow Band (NB) (for HD and SD Audio) 2-wire Analog FXO, which connects to any PSTN, ATA, and next generation Gateways.

VQuad™ with Dual UTA HD supports WB 4-wire Analog which interfaces with Balanced (replaces headset (mic/speaker)), RJ22 (replaces the phone Handset), PTT (Push to Talk) connects to any mobile radio (DoD, Emergency Services, Government) and Mobile phones.

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24-Port VQuad™ HD Analog Phone Simulator

VQuad™ 24-port HD FXO solution is an all-in-one 2U rack supporting both Wide Band (WB) and Narrow Band (NB) Audio. The 2U VQuad™ HD FXO system incorporates 12 Dual UTA HD units supporting a total 24 FXO Analog ports, which are independent and can be fully automated or remote controlled. Multiple VQuad™ 24-Port FXO Racks can be connected together for virtually unlimited FXO ports.

  • Supports 24 independent HD FXO ports per VQuad™ system (2U)
  • Wide Band (WB) and Narrow Band (NB) support (for HD and SD Audio)
  • Fully automated and remote accessible via CLI
  • Remote accessible via Central Database
  • Full FXO Functionality and Analysis via flexible Scripts

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VQuad™ Probe

GL's VQuad™ Probe is an all-in-one self-contained node supporting multiple physical interfaces for connecting to practically any wired or wireless network while automatically performing voice and data testing.  The RJ-11 2-wire analog jack (FXO) gives the VQuad™ Probe the ability to act as a telephone. This is a POTS interface that allows users to place calls, answer calls and utilize all of the probe’s voice quality and delay features. Supports Fax Testing using the Dual UTA HD 2-wire FXO or 4-wire analog interfaces. It supports all standard and customized call progress tones.

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Dual Universal Telephony Adapter (UTA) HD

The Dual UTA HD (high density) is a comprehensive hardware device designed to interface and test the voice, video, and data quality of telecommunication networks. It is used in conjunction with GL's VQuad™ software application, the Dual UTA HD simplifies end-to-end testing of voice quality, echo, noise, and other impairments of TDM, VoIP, and Wireless networks.

VQuad™ with Dual UTA HD supports Fax Testing (sending and receiving) up to 4 independent and simultaneous T.30 faxes. It also supports mobile audio interface for Smartphones (iPhone, Android) where the Dual UTA HD acts as a headset connection to the Smartphone.

The VQuad™ with Dual UTA HD system connects to any network or any end-equipment supporting HD (WB) audio on all interfaces. The Dual UTA HD includes interfaces for 2-wire analog FXO, 4-wire analog (Tx/Rx), Push-to-Talk for mobile radios, and Bluetooth for connecting to any mobile phone.

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