Mass Transit Systems Incorporate State-of-the-Art Telecommunications Infrastructure

Mass Transit systems rely on advanced telecommunications systems to operate efficiently, safely, provide timely information to its patrons, and provide a comfortable experience. These days mass transit systems use:

  • Right of ways with Fiber Optic cables and SONET, OTN, or Gigabit Ethernet transmission systems

    • For broadband voice, data, and video for all stations
    • For cost-effective, redundant, and reliable transport
    • For high capacity during emergencies when bandwidth demand is greatest
  • Wireless and wired broadband applications for voice, data, and video

    • For diverse methods of dispatch, coordination, and control
    • For interoperable communications between agencies
    • For alternate technologies of communications for emergencies and disasters
    • For dissemination of information to the public in multiple ways
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) for locating and timing

    • For efficient fleet management
    • For automatic vehicle location and in-vehicle navigation
    • For GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Super fast distributed and networked computers for operations, maintenance, and planning

    • To avoid a single point of failure
    • For a responsive command and control center

GL Communications is participating in the design, planning, and operations of communications systems for many mass transit systems. In this and future newsletters we will share some of the more interesting aspects of these projects.

GL Supports Light Rail System in Baltimore, MD.

In this issue we highlight our technical support to the Light Rail System in Baltimore, MD.

We continue to support the communications infrastructure upgrade of the Light Rail System in Baltimore, MD. The upgrade project involves a fiber optic system along the rail road right of way, a WAN open transport network, a frame relay network for automatic fare collection, and other communications systems. Other aspects that GL is involved, includes train control and customer information systems, such as ADA compliant Public Address and Signage systems.

We hope that you will enjoy reading these newsletters as much as we like participating in these projects. Future issues will highlight GL's support for projects such as:

  • WiMAX and WiFi technologies
  • Simulcast Trunked Radio Systems
  • HVAC and Environmental Control of Outdoor Equipment Cabinets
  • Underground Tunnel Radio Communications Systems

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