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FCC Licensing and Renewal

GL, since its inception in 1986, has provided engineering support to a large number of commercial, cellular, transit, and public safety land mobile radio operators nationwide to obtain FCC licenses. Applications include microwave, cellular/ PCS and Wi-Max.

Our services include:

  • FCC applications 601 and exhibits filings on-line at FCC's Universal Licensing System

  • Engineering exhibits and waivers request for justification of spectrum usage

  • Narrowband implementation planning of T-band to meet the FCC mandate of 2013

  • Frequency planning, coordination, interference studies, analysis and mitigation of conflict resolution as an FCC expert witness for cellular clients nationwide

  • Frequency search, coordination, talk-group assignment and traffic analysis for land mobile radio systems

  • FCC application parameters to APCO for frequency coordination at on-line site, SpectrumWatch

  • Service area boundary contours development using Carey Model R-6406 and TV Model R-6602 propagation curves for 470-512 MHz. Other frequency bands for radio applications are 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900, MHz, Cellular and PCS bands

  • TV station Grade-B contour protection interference analysis

  • Wi-Max system design services ranging in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum (700 MHz to 6 GHz) and FCC licensing support, as applicable

  • FCC re-banding of 800 MHz NPSPAC to create a more efficient public safety spectrum

  • Microwave path profiles , link budgets, path availability and Prior Coordination Notice (PCN), coordination with incumbents

  • Inter-modulation interference analysis and mitigation services.

  • RF propagation prediction

  • Frequency relocation to free-up PCS spectrum by moving microwave licensees to other licensed bands including negotiations, analysis, project management services