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TV Station Grade-B Contour Protection for Private Land Mobile Radio (PLMR) Systems

GL has supported many nationwide commercial and transit/public-safety PLMR systems in T-band. The operators are allowed to use T-band for Land Mobile Radio operation on a non-interference basis. They need to demonstrate a protection by 50 dB of the Grade-B contour of co-channel TV station as well as afford required protection to adjacent channel TV stations per 47 CFR Part 90.307 (d). GL has the knowledge, expertise and sophisticated tools to conduct analysis, and prepare engineering exhibits and waivers to support frequency coordination and justify channel usage, frequency loading etc.

GL has assisted multiple customers in developing channel implementation plans and interference contours studies, analysis and mitigation services to convince the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and designated frequency coordinators, APCO and others. GL's tasks have included frequency search, radio site design, antenna system design with down tilt and reduced power to mitigate the interference, TV station interference contours study, frequency coordination, and submittals to FCC seeking a license. As a result of GL's efforts, our customers have been able to deploy LMR systems for voice and data, including analog/digital simulcast trunked and conventional radio systems.