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Press Release: GL Introduces OC-3/STM-1 Analyzer Enhanced for SONET & SDH Standards

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - August 11, 2003 - GL Communications, Inc. today announced a major enhancement to its OC-3 Analyzer, adding support for both SDH and SONET standards. The new GL product, the Ultra OC-3 / STM-1 Analyzer Card, is an invaluable tool for testing, monitoring, simulating, analyzing, installing and maintaining fiber optics networks under SONET and SDH protocols. The Ultra OC3/STM-1 Analyzer Card comes in the form of a PCI card that plugs into any Windows-based PC, including desktops, laptops and lunchbox systems, making it one of the most versatile SONET/SDH testing products available in the market.

"We built on the success of our Ultra OC-3 card, which enjoyed tremendous success among engineers using the SONET standards, to create an enriched tool that incorporates both SDH and SONET fiber optic transmission standards," said Vijay Kulkarni, GL's President and CTO. "Our team accomplished this feat while maintaining the card's extraordinary cost advantage. In fact, on a dollar-for-dollar and performance basis, we will put our product up against any other tool in this category."

The Ultra Card can add and drop T1, E1, T3, STS-1/STM-0 signals to and from an OC3/STM-1 signal. It will also generate BIT Error Rate Test (BERT) patterns and perform stress tests and performance analysis on all the above mentioned payloads. Insertion and monitoring of SDH/SONET alarms/errors, full overhead monitoring of the incoming signal, access to APS, Path Signal Labels, and Trace Messages are some of the standard features of this tool.

In addition to supporting both SONET and SDH standards, the unique architecture of the Ultra OC-3 / STM-1 Card makes it an expandable and flexible testing tool. Multiple cards can be put on the same system for simultaneous testing of multiple OC-3 / STM-1 channels. This will directly result in cost reduction compared to buying additional testing systems for each eastbound and westbound signal pairs. The cards can also be distributed among multiple users, making this an extremely flexible tool for fiber optic testing.

As with other products in the GL line of hardware and software, the new OC-3 / STM-1 Analyzer Card employs intuitive interfaces and ease of use. The Auto Configuration feature of the software allows automatic configuration of the card based on the inbound signal. The product works with PCs equipped with Windows NT, 2000, or XP operating systems. The Ultra OC-3 / STM-1 Analyzer is fully compatible with other GL test products.

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