vMobile™ - Ultra-Portable Equipment for Voice & Data Testing

Nov 2023    01:03:00

Presented by : Robert Bichefsky, Raghavendra Roa, Sanjeev Kulkarni


The recently released vMobile™ is a handheld ultra-portable device that brings true mobility to voice and data quality testing for any mobile phone and any mobile radio, changing the way automated drive and walk testing is performed. The vMobile™ is simple to set up and operate for running quality tests in order to benchmark both mobile phone networks and mobile radio networks.

The vMobile™ handheld device supports fully automated audio testing for mobile phones (any phone, any carrier, any network) including Voice Quality using POLQA, Delay measurements, Audio Dropout analysis, and full call control with Call Fail and Call Drop metrics. All tests include GPS location for plotting results and events within Google Maps using the GL WebViewer™.

In addition, the vMobile™ device supports fully automated audio testing for mobile radios (including connectivity to any 4-wire analog device). This allows remote testing of mobile radios with automated PTT (Push to Talk) along with Voice Quality and Delay measurements. All functionality and configuration of the vMobile™ is provided using the remote web-based Console and Console App (installed on any Android/iOS device).

The vMobile™ handheld portable hardware includes two Bluetooth® modules (connecting to two mobile phones simultaneously), a 4-wire analog port with PTT for connecting to any mobile radio or any analog headset interface, an embedded Wi-Fi module for communicating to the Central System, and an onboard GPS receiver. The user can easily select either Bluetooth or Analog mode. The embedded Wi-Fi supports remote operation along with remote audio analysis and sends all results/events to a Central Database, accessed through GL’s WebViewer™ (web browser).

Main Features

  • Fully automated voice and data testing in any mobile network
  • Hand Portable including several remote options for operation and configuration
  • Can operate either in Bluetooth® mode or Analog mode (connect to any 4-wire Analog device including Mobile Radio with PTT)
  • Automated mobile Voice Quality Testing using embedded Wi-Fi for connecting to the Central system and supporting full remote configuration and operation
  • Operation and Configuration supported via web-browser Console or Android/IOS Console app
  • Bluetooth® supports both Narrowband (NB, 8000 sampling rate) and Wideband (WB, 16000 sampling rate)
  • Analog PTT supports Narrowband (NB, 8000 sampling rate), Wideband (WB, 16000 sampling rate), and Super-Wideband (SWB, 48000 sampling rate)

For more information, please visit: vMobile™ Ultra-Portable Equipment for Voice & Data Testing webpage.

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