Load Testing Call Contact Centers

Apr 2020    00:53:05

Presented by : Dr. Vikram Kulkarni & Robert Bichefsky


Testing call volume and routing is essential for Call Centers to confirm uninterrupted operation. GL Communications can generate hundreds of calls through the PSTN – at a sustained call rate – to your Call Center to test the telecommunications infrastructure and services. These calls can be generated as a service by GL for a simple solution or directly from your lab environment by deploying the Call Generation test equipment.

Calls can be generated to any network including VoIP, TDM, and mobile. In addition to testing call density, GL can also test interactive voice response (IVR) and voicemail (VM) functionality of the Call Center while also confirming Voice Quality.

Tens of thousands of companies and organizations rely on Call Centers to fulfil their mission critical capabilities and business functions including:

  • 911 and emergency services
  • Customer support
  • Long Distance Services

These Call Centers can be overloaded in disaster situations or unexpected events. Therefore, organizations use redundant telecommunications connections to the outside world (PRI, SIP trunks, etc.). It is essential to test if these trunks properly rollover under high load.

The GL solution uses the proprietary MAPS™ (Message Automation & Protocol Simulation) application to generate the calls while also generating the necessary traffic. The calls are fully customizable including the ability to send pre-recorded audio, tones and digits. The call duration and call rate can also be controlled.

All tests can be fully automated and scheduled. Tests can be set up for a one-time test or as a weekly or monthly subscription.

For more information, please visit: Bulk Call Generation for Load Testing Call Centers webpage.

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