High Density Multi Protocol Network Monitoring and Surveillance

Jul 2020    01:00:13

Presented by : Dr. Vikram Kulkarni, Mike Yang, Sanjeev Jigajinni


Many of our customers require the ability to monitor and analyze IP traffic across high speed links such as 1 Gig, 10 Gig, 40 Gig and 100 Gig fiber optic networks. GL Communications offers PacketScan™ HD, a high-performance network appliance for performing lossless capture and analysis on high speed IP networks. PacketScan™ HD is portable and is especially tailored to monitoring and analyzing Voice over IP calls. Furthermore, PacketScan™ HD can send captured data to GL’s centralized database and dashboard known as NetSurveyorWeb™, providing a convenient display for the remote user.

For more information, please visit: High Density Multi-Protocol Network Monitoring and Surveillance webpage.

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