Automated Voice Testing over All Networks

Sep 2020    00:54:57

Presented by : Dr. Vikram Kulkarni, Robert Bichefsky, Raghavendhra Rao


Communications is dramatically changing right now, as “mobility” and “IP” technologies such as LTE, Advanced LTE, WiMax, 3G, and Broadband Internet, lead this transformation. As these technologies are rolled out, basic voice/video/data quality will ultimately determine the fate of carriers and end equipment manufacturers.

The VQuad solution can plot all tests results directly on Google Maps when using the optional GPS receiver. For testing in areas where GPS is inaccessible (indoors or underground) the VQuad ITS (Indoor Tracking System) option is available. This feature uses a map of the area to test (a simple JPG of the floor plan) and supports plotting results on this map when GPS signals are unavailable.

GL's Voice Quality Testing (VQT) software supports the next-generation voice quality testing standard for fixed, mobile, and IP-based networks using POLQA ver 2.4 and optional upgrade POLQA ver 3 (ITU-T P.863). GL’s VQT solution analyzes the degraded (received) files and compares them with the reference (sent) files using ITU standard algorithms over all codecs including NB, WB, and SWB.

POLQA v3 Upgrade Enhancements

  • POLQA v3 Super Wideband supports 14kHz to full audio bandwidth up to 24kHz
  • Full band analysis improves accuracy in assessment of codecs such as EVS, OPUS, AAC and LC3, as these codecs are used in many OTT applications
  • With full band support the discriminative power of POLQA at the upper high-quality range of the MOS scale is increased
  • Current OTT voice services using VoLTE/5G include highly dynamic delay jitter which leads to variations of the duration of very short pauses during speech. POLQA v3 handles these variations with increased precision
  • POLQA v3 is less sensitive to linear frequency distortions than POLQA v2.4. This makes measurements less dependent on the frequency characteristics of headsets
  • Perceptual model of POLQA v3 is significantly improved and streamlined

For more information, please visit AutoVQT™ - Automated Voice Quality Testing webpage.

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