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ASCII Timeslot Display

Rx Signal Monitoring applications are now included with T1E1 Basic Software


This application permits viewing of real-time ASCII events that are present on the T1 or E1. The ability to display the ASCII events for a particular port and timeslot is provided. Each event is properly time-stamped for tests that require time correlation. Logging real-time events to the hard drive is also possible; this is useful during overnight or long-term testing.

ascii timeslot


Port & Timeslot - Allows selection of the desired port & timeslot on which the ASCII events are to be monitored

Display IDLE - Displays the Idle bytes

Enable Logging - Enables logging of the captured ASCII Events into a file.

Timeslot Display Options - User can set the Display Limit of captured ASCII events from 20 to 30000 lines, and select the Reverse Bit Order option if user desires to reverse the bits before displaying in ASCII format.

Timeslot Display Options

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