TDM, IP, 2G, 3G, 4G, & 5G Networks

Surveillance Toolkit

Surveillance Toolkit Applications:

Surveillance toolkit enables using protocol analisys GUI applications to supply raw protocol frame/packet data, decoded summary fields and/or completed call detail records (CDRs) for user applications over TCP/IP connection. The toolkit is a flexible and powerful tool for creating custom billing, fraud detection, traffic analysis, network optimization and other applications using decoded communications protocols field information.

Protocol Analysis

Protocol Analysis

GL protocol analysis applications provide convenient graphic user interface for humans to analyze a variety of protocols: SS7, ISDN, GSM, UMTS, VOIP, ATM, TRAU, GPRS, CDMA, etc.

Using Surveillance Toolkit

The surveillance toolkit extends the GL protocol analyzer functionality allowing automation of the protocol data collection over local and wide area networks.

Flexible Configuration

While using the surveillance toolkit a protocol analysis running on a remote computer (probe) connects via TCP/IP to the custom application that is using TCP/IP connection to push data enabling collection and/or custom post processing.

A combination of the following protocol data can be sent over the connection:

  • Raw data
  • Any combination of summary fields
  • Call detail records (CDR)

Raw data and summary are transmitted real time while CDRs are transmitted when calls are completed. Summary data can be used to monitor calls in progress real time.

Efficient Information Filtering

A user can configure filters to send only desired frames, for example, only frames with call control messages: IAM/Setup, Answer, Release and Release Complete.

A great flexibility of the configuration is provided to send only the desired information to minimize network traffic and to simplify message processing.

Distributed Architecture and Scalability

Surveillance toolkit applications can process data from multiple remote probes running GL protocol analysis application. Each probe can run several different protocol analyzers. This flexible and scalable architecture enables robust and cost effective solutions for a variety of applications.

Language Neutral Approach

Surveillance toolkit applications can be written in any programming language: C++, C#, Java, VB etc capable of receiving TCP/IP messages and processing binary data.