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Voice Testing with the High-Density Analog Phone Simulator

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - July 27, 2022 - GL Communications Inc., a global leader in telecom test and measurement solutions, addressed the press regarding their High Density 24/48/96 Port Analog Phone Simulator.

Analog Phone Simulator


GL’s MAPS™ Analog Phone Simulator (APS) is a high-density Analog 2-Wire FXO/FXS Bulk Call Generator that performs tests on Central Office, PBX, Telephone Adapter, Gateway, and other telecommunications equipment. “This solution can generate traffic onto 192 independent FXO/FXS ports and even more ports can be achieved by scaling. The GL MAPS™ APS provides flexibility to configure each FXO/FXS line independently while supporting automated, scripted, multi-user, and high-capacity bulk call generation. The MAPS™ APS also supports automation with Command Line Interface (CLI) and external control with Application Programming Interfaces (API) for Java, Python, TCL and .NET”, said Robert Bichefsky, Director of Engineering at GL Communications Inc.

Full analog features are supported including On-hook, Off-hook, Detect ringing signal, Detect Ring-back Tone, Dial, Hook flash, and more. The solution supports call scenarios like Two-way Calling, Three-way Conference Calling, Three-way Calling with Calling Party Number ID, VMWI (Visual message waiting indicator), Call Waiting and Caller ID, Flash to accept call, Call Forwarding etc.

In addition, the GL MAPS™ APS supports Supplementary Service Testing and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) testing that recognizes and responds to voice prompts using DTMF digits or voice, allowing automated IVR traversal and testing. The solution provides high-density connections to any 2-wire analog interface. Using different APS cards, the GL MAPS™ APS can also support 4-wire analog connections.

Key Features

  • Bulk analog call simulation with graphical user interface and command line interface support
  • FXO/FXS 2-wire analog and optionally 4-wire analog interfaces
  • Call monitoring and call recording
  • Multiple users and tests per system
  • Supports thousands of simultaneous calls
  • Remotely accessible via Command Line Interface
  • Supported Traffic:
    • Voice
    • DTMF/MF Digits
    • Single/Dual Tones
    • Fax
  • Reporting:
    • Pass/Fail Status
    • Failure details, etc.
  • Script-based call simulation and control
  • Comprehensive APIs for call flow control and feature testing
  • Supported APIs:
    • Java
    • Python
    • TCL
    • .NET
  • Detect Caller ID and Visual Message Waiting Indicator are supported
  • Audio Analysis includes:
    • Audio path confirmation
    • MOS, E-Model Scores
    • Voice quality with Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ), Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis (POLQA) algorithms
    • Prompt recognition
    • IVR support

The GL MAPS™ APS solution can be used in conjunction with GL's Voice Quality Testing (VQT) software which supports POLQA (version 2 and 3) and PESQ algorithms. For HD audio analysis the POLQA algorithm is recommended which is more suitable for Wideband IP-based networks. The VQT software is fully automated with all results logged to the central database and accessed using GL’s Web Based Client for Voice and Data Quality Testing (WebViewer™).

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