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Press Release: GL Announces TDM, Optical and
Packet Integrated Platform for Test and Measurement

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA – April 18, 2018 - GL Communications Inc., announced today its TDM, Optical and Packet Integrated platform for Test and Measurement referred to as mTOP™ platform.


Speaking to the press, Mr.Vijay Kulkarni, the CEO of the company said, “The new Multiple TDM, Optical and Packet (mTOP™) rack enclosure can house any combination of USB based test equipment – PacketExpert™, tProbe™ (T1 E1), USB T3 E3, Dual UTAs, & LightSpeed1000™ to support multiple interfaces in a compact rack space.  mTOP™ systems not only provide space efficiency, but also account for easier scalability and reduced licensing cost per port.”  

He added, “Each mTOP™ enclosure is a sleek 1U or 2U enclosure with the ability to support up to three GL USB based test hardware units. For scalability a secondary mTOP™, also housing three GL USB based test units can be connected to the primary mTOP™ using same software and licenses. Mixing different GL USB based test equipment (any TDM/Optical/Packet combinations) within same mTOP™ is also possible.”

Mr. Kulkarni further explained, “VQuad™ mTOP™ solution is an all-in-one self-contained VQuad™ with Dual UTA HD test instrument designed for conveniently testing up to 12 independent telephony devices including Analog 2-wire FXO, Analog 4-wire, Phone Handset (RJ22), Mobile Radio with PTT, and Mobile Phone (Smartphone/Handset) for a variety of testing and analysis.

The VQuad™ solution supports Wireless as well as 2-Wire and 4-wire analog calls using same hardware. User can perform simultaneous Voice, Video, Data, Fax, and Time Delay Measurements from a single VQuad™ mTOP test solution - greatly reducing the licensing costs per device.

Almost all of T1 E1 and T3 E3 Testers can be accommodated into rack-based units. Multiple rack units can be stacked together for greater scalability.

High Density PacketExpert™ of 12/24 GigE ports form factor solution are used for testing multi-port switches, routers and networks end-to-end. Each of the 12/24 GigE port supports auto‐negotiation and flow control. The chassis comprises of both electrical and optical (fiber) interfaces. The Electrical ports can operate up to 10/100/1000 Mbps line rates in Full Duplex mode, while Optical ports can operate up to 1000 Mbps line rate in Full Duplex mode. A single PacketExpert™ mTOP™ test solution with stacked rack units greatly reduces the licensing costs per device.”

He added, “mTOP™ can also provide  for unified testing experience of Ethernet /IP, TDM and Optical technologies. It can perform as an all-in-one performance analysis tool allowing tests to be performed at any end points.”

Important VQuad™ mTOP™ Solution features

  • Support up to 12 simultaneous and independent ports
  • Configure Dual UTA HD devices as Analog FXO, Analog 4-wire (Headset), Bluetooth (Mobile phone), Mobile Radio with PTT, or Phone Handset (RJ22)
  • Provides full Automation using VQuad™ scripting and Remote operation using CLI and API
  • Supports Call metrics such as Call Failure, Call Drop, and Call ID
  • Supports Audio analysis including VQT POLQA, Delay Measurements, Signal/Noise Level, RMS Power, Frequency Response, Audio Dropout Analysis
  • Dual UTA HD supports NB,  WB and SWB audio
  • Mobile Testing supports any mobile phone as well as all networks (including VoLTE and 5G)
  • All Results/Events sent to Central Database and accessed via WebViewer™

Important mTOP™ T3 T1 E3 E1 Testers features

  • Analysis/Emulation of T3 (44.736 Mbps) and E3 (34.368 Mbps)
  • Analysis/Emulation of ATM, PPP, HDLC, and Frame Relay signaling
  • Record / Playback of entire T3 or E3
  • Monitoring & generating alarms, and error insertion
  • Analysis of all 28 T1s (1.544 Mbps each) per T3 port, or 16 E1s (2.048 Mbps each) per E3 port in Channelized mode
  • Analysis of Fractional T1s and E1s, N x T1s or N x E1s
  • Analysis of any combination of DS0s (64 kbps each) within the T1s or E1s ( for example, each T3 port has 28 x 24 = 670 DS0s for T1 or 21 x 32 = 672 DS0s for E1) with additional applications, such as record-only, one can even record traffic at DS0 levels
  • Support for all T1 E1 "basic applications" and "special applications"
  • Monitor the T1 E1 line conditions such as frame errors, violations, alarms, frequency, power level, and clock (or frame/bit) slips
  • Comprehensive Analysis / Emulation of Voice, Data, Fax, Protocol, Analog, and Digital signals, including Echo and Voice Quality testing

Important mTOP™ Ethernet Tester features

  • High density Ethernet Ports with 12 or 24 ports. Stack multiple HD-PacketExpert™ unit to handle large number of ports
  • Selective-Port Loopback and Wire speed BER Testing
  • Wire-speed BERT, RFC 2544, Loopback, and WAN Link Emulation
  • Layer 1, Framed Ethernet (Layer 2), Stacked MPLS (Layer 2.5), IP (Layer 3), and UDP Layer 4)
  • User selectable Electrical and/or Optical interface for Port2 and Port3 allows mixed technology testing
  • Generate and capture Ethernet traffic on Electrical (up to 10/100/1000 Mbps) and Optical (1 Gbps) interfaces
  • All interfaces can run simultaneously and independently
  • Detailed frame statistics in tabular format for all the ports
  • Command Line Interfaces – Console based CLI, Client-Server based CLI, WCS ( Windows Client/Server), or via TCL or Python clients using MAPS™ CLI Server, allowing remote control
  • Real-time results are presented per port and all-port basis in both tabular as well as graphical formats
  • Consolidated detailed test result reports for all the ports on all the devices in PDF and CSV file formats

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