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Call Quality Testing in the Contact Centers

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - August 22, 2018- GL Communications Inc. a global leader in telecom test and measurement solutions, announced today its insight into the new call quality monitoring and audio quality testing in the large contact centers across a wide variety of networks (VoIP, TDM, PSTN, and Wireless).

Contact Center General Setup

Contact Center General Setup

Speaking to the press, Mr. Robert Bichefsky director of GL Communications Inc said “Audio quality along with simple audio path confirmation is extremely important to large contact centers, irrespective of their infrastructure which can be TDM-based, or VoIP based. In fact, most contact centers have a hybrid TDM-VoIP infrastructure are migrating towards all-IP transmission technology. Testing audio at both the contact center (incoming calls) as well as per the customer perspective (calling into the Call Center) is necessary to confirm proper Call Center operation and audio communication. One of the challenges in receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests over integrated TDM and VoIP networks is to ensure call completion and reliable voice quality.

GL's QoS Test Suite provides different test tools to perform call quality monitoring and audio quality testing across a wide variety of networks (VoIP, TDM, PSTN, and Wireless).

GL’s VQuad™ Probe HD is one such test equipment that supports intrusive testing to perform call quality assessment”, said Mr. Vijay Kulkarni CEO of GL Communications.The entire procedure of placing and receiving calls between end points is automated, quality is measured and reported centrally for verification. Call failures and call drops during the call connection phase are also reported. In fact, the GL test suite is simulating conversations between the customer and the contact center, verifying the call as well as audio quality, in a fully automated method (including support for remote operations).

Besides the intrusive test method, GL also offers other test tools such as Call Capture and Analysis for non-intrusive methods of signaling and audio quality assessment across a wide variety of networks (VoIP, TDM, PSTN, and Wireless).

Important Features

  • Scalable solution for unlimited number of FXO ports
  • Supported connectivity includes 2-Wire FXO, 4-Wire Balanced I/O, HSET Interfaces
  • Automated QoS Testing of Analog Network
  • Manual or Automatic operation of traffic generation and call control
  • Wide Band (WB) and Narrow Band (NB) support (for HD and SD Audio)
  • Multiple Users and Tests per system
  • Run tests between systems
  • Fully automated and remote accessible via CLI/API
  • Remote accessible via Central Database
  • Full FXO Functionality and Analysis via flexible Scripts
  • Feature testing including Caller ID, 3-way call (conference call), call transfer, call forwarding, call waiting with Call ID, VMWI, Stutter Dial Tone detection
  • Speech to Text Analysis (confirmation of IVR prompts)
  • Send/Detect DTMF and user-specified single/dual-frequency tones
  • Both Tone and Pulse dialing supported
  • Fax testing supporting up to V34
  • Customized consolidated results along with the graphical report using WebViewer (web-based application)
  • Google Maps using GPS co-ordinates

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