GL Enhances Rx Interface Emulation in Diameter Protocol Emulator

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA – November 14, 2016 - GL Communications Inc., announced today its enhanced MAPS™ Diameter Protocol Emulator  with support for additional procedures and TLS transport method over Rx interface.

MAPS™ Diameter Protocol Emulator

Speaking to the press, Mr. Karthik Ramalingam, a Senior Manager for product development of the company said, “The Diameter protocol has been chosen as the Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) protocol in all next generation fixed and mobile IP based networks (IMS, LTE).  It is designed to support data, services, and applications with extreme flexibility and is expected to replace all legacy protocols such as MAP, LDAP, Radius, and others.”

He added, “The enhanced Diameter emulator now supports the Rx interface that allows for dynamic QoS and charging-related service information to be exchanged between the PCRF and the AF. This information is used by the PCRF for the control of service data flows and IP bearer resources.”

Mr. Ramalingam further added, “MAPS™ Diameter can simulate PCRF & P-CSCF (AF) network elements to test Rx interface functionalities as per 3GPP standards.  It is enhanced to support almost all procedures over Rx interfaces: AA-Request/Answer, Re-Auth-Request/Answer, Abort-Session-Request/Answer, Session-Termination-Request/Answer, Subscription to Notification of Signaling Path Status, Access Network Charging Information Notification, Reporting Access Network Information, and Provisioning of AF Signaling Flow Information.”

He added, “MAPS™ Diameter also supports other Diameter interfaces such as S6a, S6d, S13, Cx/Dx, Gx, Sh, Gy, and Ro interfaces. The simulation of other interfaces (Rf, Dh, Gq, Zh, Zn, Wa, Wd, Wx, Wm, Wg, Pr) and elements will also be supported in near future.  It also supports an End-to-End 4G LTE Communications Network Lab with all components to simulate both E-UTRAN, EPC (Evolved Packet Core) and IMS, allowing complete testing of the LTE-IMS network.”

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