GL Announces High-Density 16 ports T1 E1 Analysis Hardware

Welcome to another August 2014 issue of GL's Newsletter providing information and insight into our latest T1 E1 Analysis Hardware tScan16™ (16 T1 E1 Rx only ports) boards.

tScan™ front back pod pcie card cables


GL's tScan16™ is a high-density T1 E1 board with 16 ports and the newer PCIe (x1) bus interface. The sixteen T1 E1 ports are Receive-only ports optimized for high performance voice and data capture, monitoring, and analysis requirements.

tScan16™ extends the family of GL's T1 E1 platforms with greater density, increased ports, and reduced power.

Main Features

  • Software selectable 16-Rx Only T1 or E1 interfaces
  • PCI Express x1 Lane/Board
  • Convenient High Density Cabling
  • Monitor T1 E1 line conditions such as frame errors, bipolar violations, alarms, frequency, and power level.
  • Most all "Rx Applications" are available with tScan16™
  • Analysis of ISDN, SS7, Frame Relay and Multilink Frame Relay, PPP and Multilink PPP, HDLC, and many more protocols
  • Comprehensive analysis of Voice, Data, Fax, Protocols, and Digital signals, including Echo and Voice Quality testing
  • Call Recording, Analysis, and Monitoring for hundreds to thousands of calls in one platform
  • Compatible with Windows® 7 and 8 Operating System and GL's user friendly real-time software

Comparison and advantages of the new tScan16™ over Quad/Octal T1 E1 Boards is given in the following table.

Feature tScan16™ T1 E1 Boards Quad, Octal T1 E1 Boards
Number of Ports 16 (Rx only)
31x16 = 496 timeslots for E1
24x16 = 384 timeslots for T1
4, 8
Board Height Standard PCIe board or 2U Standard PCIe board
PC Bus PCIe v1.1 x1 PCIe v1.1 x1
Adapter Board High-Density 16 Receive Only RJ-45 Ports on the Main Board
Breakout board with MDR 36-Pin Connector (3M Mini D Ribbon cable) to interface with Main Board
Quad: none; Octal: 4 port daughterboard
Connectors RJ-45 
with Inline Monitoring
Termination modes Terminate and Monitor 
(on main board)
Terminate, Bridge, Monitor
Interface modes Not Applicable Normal Mode, Cross-port and Through Mode

T1 E1 Monitoring (Receive) Applications in tScan16™

Basic Applications

  • Byte Values & Binary Byte Values
  • Signaling bits, Power Level, DC Offset and Frequency
  • Multi-frames, and Real-time Multi-frames
  • T1 E1 Data as Real-time Bitmap
  • Timeslot Window
  • ASCII Timeslot Display
  • Oscilloscope & Power Spectral
  • Audio Monitoring & Active Voice Level
  • BERT
  • Windows Client / Server
  • Manual, Automated Record Files

Optional Applications

  • Protocol Analysis: ISDN, HDLC, SS7, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Frame Relay, ATM, PPP, TRAU, T1 Facility Data Link , E1 Maintenance Data Link (Sa HDLC, and SSM) and more
  • WCS Modules: Rx files, digits, Multi-channel BERT, DSP operations, Dynamic DSP capability
  • Capture & Analysis : DTMF / MF / MFCR2, Digits, Tones, Voice, Modem, Raw Data
  • Call Data Records
  • Voice Band Analysis Software
  • Multi-Channel BERT
  • Protocol Identifier
  • Signaling Transitions Recording
  • Real-time Strip Chart
  • Real-time Multichannel Audio Bridge
  • Multiplex / Demultiplex Software
  • Network Surveillance, Voice Quality Testing

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