5G Core Emulation and Analysis Test Solutions

GL Communications Inc is pleased to announce the latest edition of the Newsletter, which offers insight into our 5G Core Network Test solutions. This powerful solution helps network operators, equipment manufacturers, and service providers thoroughly test and analyze their 5G core networks and ensure they are functioning optimally.

5G Core Network


GL’s Message Automation Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) suite offers powerful 5G emulation and analysis capabilities, along with the ability to emulate other protocols in Time-Domain Multiplexing (CAS, SS7, ISDN, etc.) and Voice over IP (SIP, RTP, SIGTRAN, etc.) domains. The MAPS™ software suite enables rigorous testing and troubleshooting of network infrastructure, software applications, and User Equipment (UE) for compliance.

The 5G network's End-to-End architecture connects the 5G Access Network (gNB), Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF), Authentication Server Function (AUSF), Network Slice Selection Function (NSSF), Unified Data Management (UDM), Session Management Function (SMF), Equipment Identity Register (EIR), Short Message Service Function (SMSF), Network Exposure Function (NEF), and User Plane Function (UPF) to Data Server or Application Functions and EPC/IMSS core, allowing seamless interoperability.

The MAPS™ framework accurately tests the functionalities and performance of the core network and its underlying entities with multiple base stations and tens of thousands of UEs, along with 5G core elements. This unique approach enables replacement of any element in the network with the device under test, facilitating wrap-around testing.

In addition, GL’s 5G Protocol Analyzer effectively monitors 5G networks, captures, decodes, and collects statistics over the N1N2, N4, N8, N12, and N13 interfaces of the 5G network, providing valuable insights for efficient 5G network operation.

Key Features

  • Supports both Control Plane signaling and User Plane traffic in 5G networks
  • Emulates all 5G interfaces including N1N2, N4, N8, N10, N11, N12, N13, N14, N17, N20, N21, N29, and N51
  • Supports HTTP2/TLS and Rest APIs emulation in 5G Core
  • MAPS™ 5G Lab enables end-to-end testing using real and simulated UE's
  • MAPS™ 5G Interworking Lab can test interworking calls between 5G, IMS, 4G, 3G, and 2G networks
  • 5G Analyzer captures, segregates, monitors, and collects statistics on all calls over N1/N2, N4, N8, N12, and N13 interfaces of the 5G network
  • Supports wrap-around testing to completely test any 5G node functionality
  • Traffic generation and verification over 5G, including VoNR (Voice), FTP, Web (HTTP), and more with additional licenses - Mobile traffic core – GTP and Mobile Traffic Core – Gateway
  • Capable of generating tens of thousands of UE Signaling (Load Testing)
  • Generates and processes NGAP/NAS (valid and invalid) messages
  • Can insert impairments to create invalid messages
  • Customization of call flow and message templates using Script and Message Editor
  • Ready-to-use scripts for quick testing
  • Scripted call generation and automated call reception
  • Provides Call Statistics and Events Status, Automation, Remote access, and Schedulers to run tests 24/7

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