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LightSpeed1000™ Application Development Toolkit (for Windows® and Linux)

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The Application Development Toolkit provides application programming interface (API) for custom LightSpeed1000™ - OC3/12 and STM1/4 Analysis & Emulation software development for Linux Operating System.

User's Guide

GL has developed Linux drivers and APIs for our OC-3/12 STM-1/4 Cards. Since our cards have unique features unavailable with other industry standard cards, customers can now build custom applications faster and cheaper. All of the functionality of the hardware is exposed through the API. In addition, many software based functions are available that ease even the most complex application development.

Some examples of what you can do with our OC-3/12 STM-1/4 (LightSpeed 1000™ Card) cards in Linux are listed below-

  • Works on Win32 and Linux with C/C++ interfaces (VS2005 and above for windows)

  • Scrambling / Non-scrambled payload management in ATM / POS / Transparent modes with Internal and Recovered Clock management

  • Loopback Line / Diagnostic / PL3, Rx Terminate / Monitor support, ATM Idle Cell Control, Hardware Data Filters

  • Hardware and Software Based Performance Counters, SFP Information, Alarm Monitoring (OOF, LOF, LOS, AIS, RDI, APSBF )

  • ATM Error Counters ( BIP, REI, HEC ), POS Error Counters (BIP, REI, Rx/Tx abort, Min/Max length)

  • Hardware BERT, POS FCS 32-bit, 16-bit and no-FCS support, POS Hardware Appending / Stripping FCS, Overhead Byte Configuration, Section and Line Error Counts, Insert HCS Errors

Buyer's Guide

Item No Item Description
LTS111 Application Development Toolkit for Linux
Develop Custom Applications for OC3/12 STM1/4 Cards for Linux; Requires C++ dev skills
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