Voice and Data Testing Solutions for the Transit Industry

Dec 2019    00:41:59

Presented by : Matt Yost, Dr. Vikram Kulkarni


Transit industries world-wide are upgrading their communications technology from legacy to broadband for enhanced coverage, capacity, quality and cost savings. This upgrade will lead to improved fleet management and situational awareness of thousands of buses, trains and metro cars in a geographic area. New types of data can now be transmitted and monitored in real time including vehicle diagnostic data, passenger counts, video streams, customer wifi, point of sales systems and public address communication. Transportation authorities must harness the power of data in order to improve efficiency, safety and customer experience. Doing so will require rigorous testing of broadband networks.

In this webinar, we will discuss GL’s services, products and solutions for testing voice and data on legacy and broadband networks including 4G LTE. GL can not only assess coverage through standard means such as RSSI, but can also provide in-depth statistics on voice quality, delay and bandwidth, among others. GL provides drive testing solutions and automation capability to significantly reduce the cost of testing. GL works with transportation authorities world-wide and provides recommendations on infrastructure investments. Please join us to hear how GL can meet the rapidly evolving telecommunications needs of the transit industry.

For more information, please visit: Voice and Data Testing Solutions Webpage.

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