Ethernet Testing Solutions - PacketCheck™

Jan 2020    1:01:51

Presented by : Dr. Vikram Kulkarni & Anand Prasad


Ethernet links are widely found in local area networks, industrial devices and applications, metropolitan area networks and wide area networks. Poor Ethernet performance can result in a loss of mission critical capabilities and business functions. Testing Ethernet network performance is challenging and requires careful thought.

This webinar will discuss Ethernet testing metrics, why they are important, and testing considerations such as what, when and how to test. This webinar will then discuss GL’s popular software product: PacketCheck™ as an easy to use Ethernet test solution for 10/100/1000 Mbps links. PacketCheck™ can perform a wide range of functions including bit error rate testing, round trip and one-way delay, and generate Ethernet/IP/UDP traffic.

PacketCheck™ can test a wide range of equipment and networks including cables and switches, Ethernet/IP networks and core/MPLS networks. PacketCheck™ is a simple, cost effective, software-based solution for your testing needs.

For more information, please visit: PacketCheck™ Webpage.

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