Comprehensive Ethernet and IP Testing at 100 Gbps

Aug 2023    00:54:34

Presented by : Vikram Kulkarni & Prasad Maiya


GL is pleased to introduce the latest version of the PacketExpert™, PacketExpert™ 100G, a hardware platform designed for wire-speed Ethernet and IP testing up to 100 Gbps. Unlike previous version of the PacketExpert™, the PacketExpert™ 100G is a full-fledged PC with specialized Network Interface Cards, GL’s proprietary PacketExpert™ software, optimized RAM, storage, processing, and cooling. The Ethernet ports support speeds of 1, 10, 25, 40, 50 and 100 Gbps.

Available in both portable (“Lunchbox”) and rack-mount configurations, it can accommodate up to six 100 Gbps ports in a single appliance. The intuitive web-based user interface supports multi-user and multi-location access where users can configure test parameters, start and stop tests, view real-time graphs and export results.

PacketExpert™ 100G can perform Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT), RFC 2544 (throughput, packet loss and latency measurements) and Loopback testing by default. GL is also actively developing support for ITU-T Y.1564 testing (for verifying service level agreements) and Ethernet OAM (Y.1731) test capabilities. These applications make the PacketExpert™ 100G an ideal solution for testing high speed backhaul networks.

PacketExpert™ 100G Applications

  • Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT): BERT is a testing technique that verifies end to end signal integrity of a telecommunications channel. It is a measure of the ratio of bits in error compared to the total bits received
  • RFC 2544: RFC 2544 is a widely used standard test methodology in the Ethernet world. RFC 2544 has evolved from testing network devices to be adopted as a service activation test for Ethernet/IP networks and measures key packet performance metrics like Throughput, Latency, Frame Loss and Burstability
  • Smart Loopback: With smart loopback, the device intelligently decodes the incoming packet to swap all addresses and ports and sends back the received traffic at the same rate it was received

For more information, please visit: PacketExpert™ 100G webpage.

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