Press Release: GL Enhances Voice Quality Test Solutions for Bluetooth® Phones and Bluetooth® Headsets

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA – August 01, 2016 - GL Communications Inc., announced today its enhanced Voice Quality Testing Solutions using VQuad™ Dual UTA HD Bluetooth® Option for Testing Bluetooth® Phones and Bluetooth® Headsets.


Test Bluetooth® Enabled Mobile Devices and Associated Network


Test Bluetooth® Devices (Headsets, Car Stereo Kit …)

Speaking to press, Mr. Robert Bichefsky, a Senior Manger for Product Development of the company said, “Testing the Voice Quality of both devices and networks has remained an inherent requirement for all testing environments. Using the GL VQuad™ solution with Dual UTA HD hardware, voice quality testing is achieved on a variety of interfaces including 2-wire Analog (FXO – simulate an Analog phone), 4-wire Analog (TX/RX – replace a wired headset), Phone Handset (RJ22 – replace the handset at the curly cord), PTT (Push to Talk, test Mobile Radios), and Bluetooth® (connect to and test Mobile Phones).”

He explained, “With the Dual UTA HD Bluetooth® option, the Dual UTA HD acts as a Bluetooth® Headset and connects to the mobile phone to perform voice quality analysis along with delay measurements on Bluetooth® enabled mobile devices. With this voice analysis the VQuad™ solution can accurately determine the quality of the mobile phone as well as the associated network. Both Narrowband as well as Wideband devices and networks can be tested. VoLTE networks are fully supported for both voice quality and one-way delay measurements, while also confirming, using the VQuad™ Audio Analysis function, the VoLTE network maintained Wideband audio during the entire call.

Mr. Bichefsky further added, “As a new feature of the Dual UTA HD Bluetooth® option, and using special firmware, the Dual UTA HD can act as the Mobile Device and connect to any Bluetooth® headset to perform ‘Voice Quality Tests’ on the Bluetooth® Headsets. In other words, isolate the Bluetooth® headset for voice quality analysis.  This is extremely important for testing Bluetooth® headsets, Bluetooth® in the car, and pretty much any Bluetooth® device which connects to a mobile phone for voice. The Dual UTA HD connects to the Bluetooth® headset and allows voice quality analysis along with delay measurements. Both narrowband and wideband codecs are supported.”

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