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Press Release : GL Announces Video Quality Testing Solutions

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA – June 08, 2015 - GL Communications Inc., announced today its Video Quality Testing Solutions.

Speaking to the press, Mr. Robert Bichefsky, a Senior Manager of the company said, ‘Video services can be broadly classified into two categories: Video Broadcasting or streaming if over IP, and Video Conferencing, sometimes called video chat for low end systems or telepresence for high end systems.  

Video Broadcasting, basically streaming video to your mobile device, is undergoing a transformation in large part due to competition and technology evolution in Wireless and IP networks. This is radically affecting the entertainment and broadcast industry, the underlying telecom network that support them, and the end devices receiving, transmitting, playing, and recording video.  Video broadcasting is essentially a one way application, downstream to the consumer and due to increasing availability of bandwidth, quality expectations from streaming video is also in demand. Video Conferencing, used with a variety of phone chat applications, is on a similar path as Video Broadcasting in terms of usage.” 

He added, “GL's enhanced VQuad™ solution provides an automated method to test all types of data to and from the Smartphone or Tablet, confirming performance, quality and reliability. With the introduction of GL's NetTest a variety of data tests can be performed directly from the mobile device and controlled remotely from the VQuad™ script. Tests include TCP, UDP, HTTP, VoIP, FTP, DNS, SMS, and Email, basically a full array of tests to definitively confirm the performance of the network (and the Smartphone device).

As a next step towards complete Mobile Device and Network testing, GL is introducing Video Conference Testing to determine real-time performance of Video over a given network. Using any two Android devices and/or PCs with the GL VAC Agent installed, fully automated Video Conference testing can be performed with QoS results provided along with several analytic metrics.

In fact, using VQuad™ scripts, a complete test can be performed including Call Control, Voice Quality, Delay Measurements, NetTest (Data Testing), and Video Conference. All results and events are automatically sent to the VQuad™ Central Database and accessed using the GL WebViewer™ (web browser). Query and display results, statistics, status, and, if testing in a mobile environment, display Pass/Fail results directly on Google Maps™.  In other words, complete testing and test reporting, including Custom Reports, within the GL intuitive solution.”

Mr. Bichefsky explained, “GL's Video test solution includes the Video Application Controller (VAC) which is used for fully automated control of all active test agents as well as communication from individual VQuad™ nodes for initiating tests and retrieving test results.

Video Tests can be configured between any two active agents with flexibility on specifying the characteristics of the Video Conference test.  In other words, one Video Test agent generates simulated video conference calls to other Video Test agents.

To achieve active video testing, GL's video test agents are installed on Android mobile devices as well as PCs/servers (both Windows and Linux supported) at key locations within a service network.  GL's Video Quality Test Solution provides support for Android, PC and Linux based clients (end points) for active Video Quality Testing.

Video and Data tests can be initiated directly from the GL NetTest app residing on any Android supported device. The video and data tests can be performed simultaneously with Voice Testing using flexible and comprehensive VQuad™scripts.”

He further added, “All VAC test results are sent to the central database and queried using the WebViewer™. Results can be output to file or custom reports. When running VAC from mobile device agents, video results can be plotted on Google Maps™ with pass/fail thresholds depicted for each test result.  Video test results displayed using WebViewer™ include - Video MOS, Audio MOS, and Audio/ Video MOS along with a variety of analytical metrics and quality metrics.”

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