GL Announces Enhanced INAP & CAP Protocol Emulators

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA – September 17, 2016 - GL Communications Inc., announced today its enhanced MAPS™ CAP  and MAPS™ INAP Protocol Emulators. These two protocol emulators have been enhanced to include automatic handling of SCCP parameters and low balance call flow scenarios.

INAP and CAP Protocol Emulators

Speaking to the press, Mr.Karthik Ramalingam, a Senior Manager for Product Development of the company said, “The Intelligent Network (IN) is a network architecture used in fixed as well as mobile telecom networks. It allows operators to provide value-added services in addition to the standard telecom services such as PSTN, ISDN and GSM services on mobile phones.”

He added, “The intelligence is provided by network between functional entities such as Service Control Function (SCF) and Service Switching Function (SSF).  Intelligent Network Application Part (INAP) and Customized Applications for Mobile Networks Enhanced Logic Application Part (CAP) are the protocols used in Intelligent Networks. INAP is for fixed networks whereas CAP is extended version of INAP and is used for mobile networks.

Mr. Ramalingam further added, “GL's Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) is an advanced protocol simulator/tester for INAP services. The tester supports testing network elements gsmSCF and gsmSSF, error tracking, regression testing, conformance testing, and load testing/call generation. It is able to run pre-defined test scenarios against INAP test objects in a controlled & deterministic manner.

GL's MAPS™ CAP Emulator can emulate CAP supplementary services such as unified messaging, prepaid, and toll-free (Freephone). These services are available in TDM and IP based GSM, GPRS, and UMTS networks. CAP information flow is defined between functional entities such as Service Control Function (SCF) and Service Switching Function (SSF) distributed across network executing services.”

Important Features

  • Multi-protocol, Multi-interface Simulation
  • Test Service Usage Charging for Voice, Data, SMS etc
  • Cost-of-call verification through balance check
  • Test Premium Calling and Toll-Free Services
  • Provides fault insertion, and erroneous call flows testing capability
  • Performance testing, Load testing, Functional testing, Regression testing and Conformance testing of network elements
  • Ready scripts make testing procedure simpler, less time consuming and hence time to market products
  • Test response of network against protocol message modification, or corruption
  • Inter-operability testing of networks

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