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GL Communications IT Consulting Services

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - Sep 1, 2020 - GL Communications Inc., a global leader in telecom test and measurement solutions, addressed the press regarding their Information Technology (IT) consulting services.

Speaking to the press, Matt Yost Director of GL Consulting Services said, “Our expertise covers the entire OSI model from infrastructure design and installation up to application configuration and management. Our team includes engineers, developers, scientists, and project managers. Our customer base includes large internet and wireless service providers, equipment manufacturers, defense contractors, research laboratories and universities world-wide”.

Some of the GL's skill set includes the following:

  • Copper and Fiber cabling: Design, installation, maintenance, inspection, testing, validation IV&V
  • Switches and Routers: Installation, configuration, design, and load testing
  • Voice over IP: Installation, testing, monitoring, configuration
  • Network Setup: Virtual Private Networks (VPN), network segmentation, Network Address Translation (NAT), IPv4 and IPv6, Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN), wireless networks, GigE and large infrastructure fiber-based Wide Area Networks with ruggedized networking equipment for harsh environments such as underground railroads, railyards and bus depots
  • Wireless testing: Signal strength, voice quality, drive testing, in-building testing as well as cellular coverage comparison and verification
  • Digital Displays, PIDS (Passenger Information Display System), CIS (Customer Information Systems) using LED Signs
  • Physical security: Access Control, Card readers, VMS (Video Management System), CCTV design, testing, and inspection

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