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GL Announces CAP Protocol Emulator

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - July 26, 2013- GL Communications Inc. announced today its latest product MAPS™ CAP Protocol Emulator  - CAMEL Application Part Emulation using MAPSTM Platform. 

MAPS™ CAP Protocol Emulator

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Jagdish Vadalia, Senior Manager for Product Development of the Company said, "Traditional telecommunications networks usually limited to placing and receiving calls are now supporting enhanced intelligent services such as prepaid calling, tele-voting, number portability, call transfer, and so on and such enhanced Intelligent Network (IN) services were standardized by the ITU-T standards body. Various standards have been defined for IN protocol. CAMEL is one such standard.  The IN protocol of CAMEL, called as CAMEL Application Part (CAP) has been adopted in GSM, and 3G networks.  The capability of CAMEL Application Part (CAP) is defined by means of 'operations', which means one entity, starts a procedure in the peer entity."

He added, "The Service Control Point (SCP) is the main entity that control IN services. The Service Control Function (SCF) is a functional entity that resides in 'Service Control Point' (SCP). The Service Switching Function (SSF) entity resides in MSC and interrogates HLR as part of call handling. The CAP information flow is defined between functional entities such as Service Control Function (SCF) and Service Switching Function (SSF) distributed across the GSM, GPRS, and UMTS networks. An MSC or GMSC may also contain a Specialized Resource Function (SRF) which provides the capability of user interaction with a subscriber, for example play voice announcements or collect DTMF tones from the user."

Mr.Vadalia further added, "GL's Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) is a multi-protocol, multi-technology platform used for the emulation of a variety of communication protocols over IP, TDM, and Wireless networks and recently, CAMEL (Customized Applications for Mobile networks Enhanced Logic) Application Part (CAP) protocol emulation capability has been added over TDM and IP stack.

GL's MAPS™ CAP Emulator over TDM or IP can emulate CAP (CAMEL Application Part) supplementary services such as unified messaging, prepaid, and toll-free (Freephone). These services are available in TDM or IP based GSM, GPRS, UMTS networks."

Main Features:

  • CAP protocol over TDM (E1 T1) or IP simulation over GSM, GPRS, UMTS networks
  • Emulator can be configured as SCF and SSF entities to emulate the CAMEL services
  • User-friendly GUI for configuring CAP protocol layers
  • Access to all MTP3, M3UA, M2PA, SCCP, and CAP protocol fields such as Routing Number, Called Party Number and more
  • Customizable ready scripts for Apply Charging for calls, Apply Charging GPRS for data, Toll Free service, Establish Temporary Connection, Connect To Resource procedures
  • Logging of all messages in real-time
  • Save and load configurations
  • Supported on Windows® operating systems

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