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2-Wire FXO/FXS Testing Worldwide Applications

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - February 27, 2019- GL Communications Inc. a global leader in telecom test and measurement solutions, announced today its insight into 2-Wire FXO/FXS Simulation, Test, and Measurement Solutions over TDM and IP Networks. 2-Wire FXO/FXS interfaces are ubiquitous over the world, however supervision and signaling standards vary greatly.GL solutions can easily adapt to these worldwide standards, including newly introduced and Wide Band (WB) voice, and solutions encompass low to high density applications suitable for carrier grade testing.

2-Wire FXO/FXS Testing Worldwide Applications

Speaking to the press, Mr. Vijay Kulkarni CEO of the GL Communications Inc said “The death of 2-Wire FXO and FXS has been exaggerated. Most of the home and business wiring is still copper 2-wire. The migration away from copper is still quite slow. Also, VoIP phones in the home and to a lesser degree in the workplace are still based around analog phone technology. 2-wire phones in the home have both analog 2-wire and VoIP gateway functions, as cable companies cater to copper wiring prevalent in homes. In other countries, where conventional telephone service is ubiquitous, the migration away from copper is equally slow.”

He further added “GL's FXO FXS simulation in the tProbe™ T1 E1 testing product, FXO capability in the Dual UTA HD testing product, and FXO capability in MAPS™ CAS/APS provide both manual and automated testing capability for voice and voiceband features., including Voice, Fax and Modem. In addition, the 2-wire analog interface variations encountered in almost all countries is also supported”.

GL has announced three types of solutions -

  • Narrowband and Wideband 2-wire Analog FXO simulation with VQuad™ and Dual UTA HD hardware
  • MAPS™ FXO FXS Emulator with tProbe™ T1 E1 hardware
  • MAPS™ CAS with T1 E1 hardware and FXO/FXS channel bank for High Density Applications

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