Traffic Simulation

Traffic Simulation Across All Networks

Mobile Traffic Core - GTP (ETH101)

Mobile Traffic Core – GTP Protocol Stack

Mobile Traffic Core - GTP (ETH101) - module supports stateful user-plane packet transmission and reception services between any two nodes (GTP-U protocol entity) in UMTS (SGSN, GGSN, RNC), and LTE (SGW, PDNGW) networks.  It allows simultaneous simulation of multiple sessions per user. Currently, supports HTTP traffic simulation with the base requirements such as port number, server IP address, and pre-canned HTTP traffic file. Each GTP traffic is identified by a Tunnel ID, UDP port (2152 is default for GTP-U traffic), and the multiple HTTP connections are differentiated by Connection ID. The Mobile Traffic Core-GTP (ETH101) module can also support generation and verification of data traffic such as Email, FTP, HTTP, and more.