Traffic Simulation

Traffic Simulation Across All Networks

Fax Simulation over T1 E1

Fax Simulator (XXFT0) is capable of transmitting and receiving bulk fax over many T1 E1 timeslots or through two-wire FXO and FXS lines. The software can emulate many "virtual fax machines" - transmitter as well as receiver. All variations of T.30 fax protocol is supported such as page size, resolution, min & max data rate, and codec type - including high speed fax such as V.34. This application works with MAPS™ TDM products simulating complete real-time single and bulk (100's) fax calls.

GL also supports FaxScan™ (fax decoder/demodulator) software that processes 2-Wire or 4-Wire captures and analyzes voiceband traffic files for fax traffic. The application operates either stand-alone from a batch file or as part of the GL's VoiceBand Analysis application to produce decoded fax image TIFF files and other transmission information.