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GL's team consists of highly educated and experienced systems, hardware, and software engineers and managers. They will work with you to find right solutions to your telecom and IT needs.

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Vijay Kulkarni President and Chief Technology Officer
Kuldip Battu Senior Manager
Robert Bichefsky Senior Manager
Jagdish Vadalia Senior Product Manager
Matt Yost Project Manager
Uvaldo Cordero Senior Systems Engineer
Vijay Kulkarni
President and CTO

Vijay Kulkarni is GL's President and CTO since inception of the company in 1986. He has consulted for various organizations including MTA-Baltimore, MBTA-Boston, ATT, MCI, Sprint, Intelsat, SP Telecom, Cable and Wireless, FAA and many cellular communications providers nationwide. Prior to founding GL, he was an independent consultant, an Advisory Engineer at Satellite Business Systems, and an Engineer at Western Union. Mr. Kulkarni holds an MSEE from GW University, Washington DC and is a member of IEEE.
Kuldip Battu
Senior Manager

Kuldip Battu leads GL's consulting group. He leads consulting projects for many customers including Washington Metro Systems, MTA-Baltimore, SEPTA-Philadelphia and MBTA-Boston, and many telecommunications service providers nationwide. Prior to joining GL in 1990, Mr. Battu was a research assistant at Electrical Engineering department of Catholic University of America, Washington, DC. He holds an MSEE from the same university.
Robert Bichefsky
Senior Manager

Robert Bichefsky leads development of DCOSS, VQuad™, VQT, VQuad™ with FXO option, CMU, APS, and Packet Series products. He manages GL's west coast office and international operations in China. As GL's Project Manager, he supported development of a TDMA Burst Time Plan Generation System and Multi-System Digital Telephone Exchange Simulator for Intelsat, T1/E1 ISDN Protocol Analyzer and T1/E1 Signaling Bit Recorder. Prior to joining GL in 1995, he was a Research Engineer at IIT Research Institute, Annapolis, MD. Mr. Bichefsky holds a BSEE from Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA.
Jagdish Vadalia
Senior Product Manager

Jagdish Vadalia leads development of telecom test products, such as T1, E1, T3, OC-3, OC-12, Ethernet, ISDN, SS7, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, CDMA, T.30, SS5, DCME, FAX, and Protocol Analyzers. He is also extensively involved in design, development, test and integration of voice and data networks and associated components. Prior to joining GL in 1990, he was a research assistant at Catholic University of America, Washington DC. Mr. Vadalia holds an MSEE from the same university.
Matt Yost
Project Manager

Matt Yost leads development efforts for the Universal Telephony Adapter (UTA) and was the initial Product Manager of GL's VQuad™ software, both of which are related to GL's Voice Quality Testing systems. As a Project Manager, Mr. Yost leads administrative activities and supports efforts for a T1 Monitoring System responsible for monitoring the United States Postal Service's (USPS) T1 network. He has also supported development and testing activities for GL's Packet Series testing tools. Mr. Yost joined GL in 2000 after graduating from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA with a BSCE degree.
Uvaldo Cordero
Senior Systems Engineer

Uvaldo Cordero leads consulting projects on communication systems. He supports major telephone service providers, and wireless, transit and railroad operators in design and development of solutions to meet their needs. Prior to joining GL in 2001, he was at Verizon Communications as a Team Leader (Network Operations), US Army Corps of Engineers as an Information Technology specialist, and Dynamics Atlantic, Puerto Rico overseeing the IT infrastructure of the entire company. Mr. Cordero holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Puerto Rico and is pursuing a Masters degree at Johns Hopkins University, MD.
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