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Testing High Speed Telecom Networks
Testing High Speed Telecom Networks

An increasing need for high end-to-end network availability to carry voluminous data and Internet traffic has made it imperative that fiber optic lines and telecom networks should have excellent quality and reliability to insure trouble-free operation over time

GL has extensive experience in stress testing of high speed telecom networks that include fiber optic lines, VoIP, ATM and Digital Central Office Switches. We leverage our product and testing expertise and offer our customers an integrated, one-stop solution to insure that their networks are reliable to carry high volume traffic

Case Study

One of our customers asked GL to evaluate a high-speed OC-3 line carrying packet over SONET (POS) to insure its quality before the line could start carrying live traffic. GL conducted extensive tests to assure the line quality.

We designed and developed a number of test scenarios to stress test the OC-3 line. For example, our engineer generated test patterns with a variety of IP packet sizes to test the line. He carefully monitored the line, over a period, for errors such as Bit Errors, SONET Framing Errors and IP Header Errors, and made sure that the line was highly reliable before it started transporting customer traffic.