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GL's Android VAC Agent

  Android VAC Agent

VAC Android Agent acts as an agent for performing Video Conference Testing on Android devices. This application is used in conjunction with GL's VAC Server and VQuad software for evaluating video quality over a given network. The VQuad™, along with VAC Server remotely and automatically responds to a user-specified request for testing and analysis.

Status/progress along with results of the analysis are transferred to the VQuad™ application and to the GL WebViewer central database.This verision of the agent application is supported only on Android versions later than 4.1 (Android API 16+) and is supported only on Arm based devices. It should be noted that while VAC Agent Application is in use, the battery life will be dramatically decreased.

App Name GL VAC Agent
Version 2.1.172
App Screenshots GL VAC Agent-1    GL VAC Agent-2