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The GL NetTest provides automated and manual data/voice analysis of the mobile device network connection (3G, 4G, WiFi supported). Available analysis includes TCP, UDP, VoIP, HTTP, FTP, and DNS. This app is used in conjunction with GL's VQuad software/hardware for evaluating quality of service using a mobile device. The VQuad, along with the MDC (Mobile Device Controller), remotely and automatically responds to a user-specified request for analysis. Status/progress along with results of the analysis are transferred to the VQuad application along with the GL WebViewer central database. Using the WebViewer browser, all results along with GPS coordinates can be queried based on the specific mobile device.

As part of the analysis, GLNetTest utilizes VoIP to generate pre-defined calls for quality of service. GL NetTest also utilizes GPS to provide location coordinates with all results. It should be noted that while GL NetTest is in run mode, the battery life will be dramatically decreased.

App Name GLNetTest
Version 4.10E
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