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SIGTRAN Protocol Analyzer


SIGTRAN protocol decoder software is a VoIP testing tool that permits real-time analysis, call trace, capture, and filtering of SS7 and ISDN signaling messages over IP. SIGTRAN uses a new connection oriented transport protocol called Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP). SCTP is at the same level but more efficient at transport than TCP, UDP, or RTP.

Analyzer supports SCTP, M2UA, M3UA, M2PA, SUA, IUA, SIGTRAN protocols. Sigtran is a stack of networking protocols having Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP) and a bunch of user adaptation (UA) layers over it.

GL's SIGTRAN analysis is an optional module available with PacketScan analyzer (PKV100) with additional licensing (PKV105).

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In addition, GL provides emulation tools that further help in emulating SS7 and ISDN protocols over IP.

SIGTRAN Analyzer Main Features:

  • Supports Real-time as well as Off-line analysis
  • Uses industry standard NIC Card for interfacing to Ethernet.
  • The SS7 and SIGTRAN Analyzer simultaneously can permit testing and verification of Signaling Gateways.
  • Displays Summary, Detail, Hex-dump, Statistics, and Call Trace Views, the contents of this view can also be copied to clipboard.
  • Summary View displays M2UA Class, M2UA Type, M3UA Type and SUA Class, SUA Type, Called and Calling number, SCCP message type, SSN, INAP information.
  • Detailed View displays easy to understand decodes of the user-selected frame.
  • Hex dump view displays raw frame data as hexadecimal and ASCII octet dump, the contents of this view can also be copied to clipboard.
  • Statistics View displays call and MSU statistics at any link or entire link set.
  • Call Trace View isolates call specific information such as status of each call (active/ completed), duration of completed call, OPC, DPC, CIC, Called and Calling Party Numbers, and more.
  • Search and filtering capabilities for both real-time as well as offline analysis.
  • Provides the 'Capture Filter' option to filter M2UA, M2PA, M3UA and SUA frames on the specified ports.
  • Any protocol field can be added to the summary view, filtering, and search features providing users more flexibility to monitor required protocol fields.
  • Application can be installed on multiple computers supporting Windows 2000/XP.

Supported Protocols

The supported protocol standards in Sigtran analyzer are SigTran ITU, SigTran ETSI, SigTran ANSI.

Supported Protocols Specification Used
MAC IEEE 802.3
IP RFC 791
M2UA RFC 3331
M2PA RFC 4165
SUA ANSI Internet Engineering Task Force: Draft 2026 (sec.10)
M3UA Itu RFC 3332
M3UA Ansi RFC 3332
MTP3 ITU ITU-Y Q.701-Q.705 / ITU-T Q.782
MTP2, MTP3 ANSI T1.111.4-1996
IUA RFC 4233 / RFC 5133
BICC BICC pl-080r1, T-REC-Q.1902.2-07/2001, T-REC-Q.1902.3-07/2001
INAP CS1 ITU / ETSI Q1218 and ETS 300 374 1, Sept, 1994
INAP CS2 ITU INAP - Capability Set 2. (Q.1228)
INAP CS2 ETSI INAP - Capability Set 2. (EN 301 140-1-v1.3.4-1999-06)
CAMEL V3 3GPP TS 29.078 V3.15.0
CAMEL V6 3GPP TS 29.078 6.3.0 (2004-09)
MAP R99 3GPP TS 09.02 V7.14.0 (2003-09)
MAP R4 3GPP TS 29.002 V4.18.0
TUP ITU T-REC-Q.723-11/1988
TCAP ITU ITU-T Q.771 - Q.775
SCCP ITU ITU-T Q.711-Q.714
SCCP ANSI ANSI rec. T.112 (1996), T1.116.2 (1996)
SCCP ETSI EN 300 009 -1 ,sept 1996, 3rd edition
ISUP ITU ITU - Q.761, Q.762, Q.763 and Q.764
ISUP ETSI EN 300 356 -1 V3.2.2(1998-08)
ISUP ANSI ANSI - T1.113.1 to T1.113.4
Test & Network Management Messages (ITU) ITU-T Q.703, Q.704
Test & Network Management Messages (ANSI) ANSI T1.111.4 - 1996

Click here to view the protocol glossary page for more information

Summary, Detail and Hexdump View

The SIGTRAN Analyzer application is invoked from the main menu of GL's PacketScan™ Analyzer. The analyzer displays summary, detailed, hex dump, statistics and call trace view in different panes. The summary pane displays Direction, Frame Number, Time, Length, M2UA Class, M2UA Type, M3UA Type and SUA Class, SUA Type, Called and Calling number, SCCP message type, SSN, INAP information and various types of SIGTRAN messages for all the frames. The Hex dump view displays the frame information in HEX and ASCII

Screen Shot of Summary, Detail and Hexdump View

Real-time and Off-Line Analysis

Users can capture and analyze SIGTRAN message using real-time analyzer and record all or filtered traffic into a trace file. The recorded trace file can then be analyzed offline and exported to ASCII file, or printed.

Screen Shot of Real time and Offline Analysis

Filtering and Search

SIGTRAN Analyzer includes powerful features such as filtering and search capabilities. It allows to isolate required frames from all frames in real-time as well as off-line analysis. The application allows filtering according to M2UA Class, M3UA Class, SUA Class, M2PA, OPC, DPC, SSN, CIC, Called and Calling party number. The Real time filtering can be done using capture filter option for M2UA, M2PA, M3UA and SUA frames on the specified ports. In addition, the application provides various search criteria to search appropriate frame.

Screen Shot of Filtering and Search

Call Trace & Statistics View

Call trace defining important call specific parameters like Call ID, Call Status, Call duration, Called Number, Release Cause etc are displayed.

Statistics is an important feature available in Sigtran analyzer and can be obtained for all frames both in real-time as well as offline mode. Various statistics can be obtained to study the performance, based on protocol fields and different parameters such as User Type (Key/Total/Field) , Statistic type (Frame count, Byte count, Frames/Sec) and patterns like Range List, Wild card.

Screen Shot of Call Trace and Statistics View

Enhanced Trace Saving Options

Users can control the captured trace files by saving the trace using different conventions such as trace files with user-defined prefixes, trace file with date-time prefixes, and slider control to indicate the total number of files, file size, frame count, or time limit. This feature also allows the captured frames to be saved into a trace file based on the filtering criteria set using display filter feature.

Screen Shot of Enhanced Trace Saving Window

Save/Load All Configuration Settings

Protocol Configuration window provides a consolidated interface for all the important settings required in the analyzer. This includes various options such as protocol selection, startup options, stream/interface selection, filter/search criteria and so on. Any protocol field can be added to the summary view, filtering, and search features from this GUI providing the users more flexibility to monitor required protocol fields. All the configuration settings done in any of these options can be saved to a file, loaded from a configuration file, or user may just revert to the default values using the default option.

Screen Shot of Save/Load All Configuration Window

Scripted SIGTRAN (SS7 over IP) Emulation

The MAPS™ SIGTRAN is an advanced protocol simulator/tester for SS7 simulation over IP Networks. It can simulate a Signaling Gateway and Softswitch ISUP signaling specification as defined by ITU-T standards. MAPS™ SIGTRAN™ functionality covers the ITU and ANSI variant of SS7 implementing M3UA, and ISUP protocols.

For more information, please click here.

Scripted ISDN SIGTRAN (ISDN over IP) Emulation

MAPS™ ISDN SIGTRAN is an advanced protocol simulator/tester used for ISDN simulation over IP. The tester can simulate a complete ISDN connection between SG (Signaling Gateway) to MGC (Media Gateway Controller), where ISDN signaling are as defined by the ITU-T Q.921 / Q.931 standards. The application is built with ready-to-use scripts, which generates and processes all ISDN messages including Setup, Connect, Release messages, and others.

For more information, please click here

Buyer's Guide:

Please Note: The XX in the Item No. refers to the hardware platform, listed at the bottom of the Buyer's Guide, which the software will be running on. Therefore, XX can either be ETA or EEA (Octal/Quad Boards), PTA or PEA (tProbe Units), UTA or UEA (USB Units), HUT or HUE (Universal Cards), and HDT or HDE (HD cards) depending upon the hardware.

Item No. Item Description
PKV100 PacketScan™ Software (required)
PKV105 SIGTRAN (Optional with PacketScan™)
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PKS135 MAPS™ SIGTRAN Emulator ISDN over IP
IPN501 IPNetSim™ - 1G
IPN505 IPNetSim™ - 1G Tablet
IPN503 IPNetSim™ - 10G
XX120 SS7 Analyzer Software (T1 or E1)
XX100 ISDN Analysis Software (T1 or E1)
XX130 Real-Time Frame Relay Protocol Analyzer (T1 or E1)
XX150 GSM Analysis Software (T1 or E1)
XX153 TRAU Analysis Software (T1 or E1)
XX090 HDLC Capture and Playback Software (T1 or E1)
  Related Hardware
HDT001/HDE001 Legacy HD T1 or E1 (PCI) Cards with Basic Analyzer Software
HTE001 Universal T1/E1 Card with Basic Analyzer Software
UTE001 Portable USB based Dual T1 or E1 Laptop Analyzer with Basic Analyzer Software

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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