GL Communications Inc.

Wireless Consulting Services

In addition to its product line, GL Communications Inc. provides wireless consulting and professional engineering services to the telecommunications industry.

GL specializes in the advanced technology design of wireless communications networks. GL has designed and provided on-going support to over 100 wireless telephony network systems nationwide over the past 15 years.

GL provides services to PCS, Cellular, Wireless, Microwave / Fiber-Optic / Leased T-1 Network, and Satellite Communications service providers. The company has been intensively involved in detailed systems analysis and design, including planning, radio coverage, interference study, microwave relocation by PCS vendors, FCC licensing, cost analysis, field surveys, installation, field test and measurements, and project management.

GL Communications Inc. (GL), founded in 1986, is an advanced telecommunications engineering company based in Gaithersburg, MD. GL provides systems engineering and consulting services to the transit, public safety, satellite, and wireless industries. Our major areas of expertise include, Land Mobile Radio Engineering, Microwave Network Design, Cellular and Mobile Radio Engineering, Satellite Communications, Radio Propagation Analysis, Field Test and Measurement, and LAN / WAN/ MAN and Fiber Optic Network Design.

GL has on staff a team of highly educated (BS, MS, and PhD graduates) and experienced systems, hardware, and software engineers that use state of the art technology to meet customer requirements. Current and past consulting clients include telecommunications firms and government agencies such as the FAA, University of Maryland, MCI, Cable and Wireless, Intelsat, Inmarsat, and SP Telecom. GL provides engineering for many metropolitan transportation authorities such as Maryland's MTA, Washington's WMATA, Philadelphia's SEPTA, and Boston's MBTA. GL is currently DBE and MBE certified with the State of Maryland MDOT, SEPTA and WMATA.

GL has developed, in-house, an extensive array of advanced microwave and RF engineering tools for the prediction of radio coverage, frequency planning, and the design of digital microwave networks. These software programs are in continual use and development. Clients including transit and wireless radio system carriers have used our consulting services to design systems throughout the United States.

GL's consultant role routinely involves engineering design and development of communications systems, wireless systems engineering, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems, interconnect engineering, digital microwave networks, SONET, RF propagation studies, traffic engineering, switch sizing, field testing with spectrum analyzers and specialized wireless and microwave test tools, link budget analysis, frequency planning, and interference studies. GL also provides On-site Engineering support and expert Project Management services to its valued customers. A brief description of our Consulting Engineering Services are: Vendor Equipment Analysis, Site and Field Surveys, System Design Planning and Support, Technical Specification Development, Bid Proposals and Procurement, Installation and Configuration, Test Inspection, Training, Project Management, Cost Estimates.

If you would like any additional information or would like us to evaluate your current needs, please email us or give us a call at 301-670-4784.

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