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WAN Link Emulation Tools

Application performance over WAN networks can be highly sensitive to bandwidth, latency, jitter, loss, and other WAN impairments. Testing these applications on the local network generally fails to identify critical issues that impact the end user experience. Fortunately, GL provides a new generation of WAN network emulation appliances that makes it simple and affordable to test applications in the lab under real-world conditions, ensuring smooth roll-outs of new applications and helping to optimize the performance of the applications for the end-users.

Most of the GL WAN link emulators support both electrical and optical interfaces, with capacity ranging from 10 kbps to 10 Gbps. Connect using either RJ-45 copper or modular SFPs fiber  for convenient installation on copper or fiber-based networks.

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IPNetSim™ (Multi-Stream)
IPNetSim™ (Multi-Stream)
(IPN506 – 1G & 10G, IPN507 – 10G)
IPLinkSim™ 10 Gbps & 1 Gbps (IPN511)
IPLinkSim™ 10 Gbps & 1 Gbps (IPN511)

Define Packet Impairments

Simulates impairments such as Packet loss, error, duplication, delay, reordering.

Verify that applications and networking equipment properly handle anomalous Packet Reordering and Duplication conditions without inducing stability or performance problems.

Emulate Delays –Supports varying delay values ranging from milliseconds to seconds per stream independently in each direction. This type of propagation delay is useful to simulate Satellite, Wireless, Wired and network elements such as Routers, Switches, Firewalls, etc.

Bandwidth Control to emulate various WAN link speeds

Almost all GL’s WAN link emulators, shown here, allow bandwidth control from 1 Kbps to 1000 Mbps to emulate various WAN link speeds (Modem, DSL, T1 E1, T3 E3, OC-3 OC-12 etc). Evaluate how bandwidth, delay, jitter, and loss effect networks. For higher capacity, the IPNetSim™ 10G model offers capacity of up to 4 or 40 Gbps. On 10G ports, simulation of 4 bidirectional streams, with "a total of" 10 Gbps in each direction (aggregates to 20 Gbps per WAN link) is supported. The traffic bandwidth can be controlled "per stream" for varying rates from 1 Kbps to 10 Gbps.

Graphs and Statistics

Provides a visual display of the current traffic conditions, including throughput graphs, link statistics. View and download up to 24 hours of statistics for analysis.

The graph displays the real-time Throughput of the link, plotted as rate against time, in the form of a line graph.  The Graph can be viewed for a single link or both the links together.

In case of Multi-Stream WAN Emulator, real-time transmission statistics for each stream is provided along with throughput graph for each stream with "a total of" 10 Gbps in each direction.

IPNetSim™ in the network

IPNetSim™ acts as a transparent bi-directional link, it can be connected wherever an Ethernet link or a simple bridge can be connected.

Stream the Traffic Flow

In each direction of the WAN link, user can define streams (based on various MAC, IP, VLAN, MPLS, UDP header fields) to classify traffic into multiple streams.

Link Statistics

Provides real-time transmission statistics of the traffic over the emulated link (P2-P3)/(P3-P2) for each direction. The statistics parameters include Dropped Frames, No. of Errored Packets, Dropped Packets, Duplicate Packets, Reordered Packets, and Average Throughput of the link, for varying durations.

Multiple Streams

16 unique streams on 1Gbps link and 4 unique streams on 10Gbps link independently in each direction.