Telecom Testing Solutions

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Voice, Video, & Data Quality Testing

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Defence Voice, Video, and Data Quality Testing
VQuad Probe™ HD

GL’s team of RF Engineers and drive test technicians are uniquely equipped with specialized tools and the expertise to provide comprehensive test and consulting services to evaluate Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and commercial cellular networks for both voice and data.

  • STI field test services for evaluating public safety networks (at Railways, Airports, Malls)
  • Automated Test Solution for Land Mobile Radios (LMR) and Mobile Phones (connects via Bluetooth or Wired)
  • In-lab, Drive-test or field-test – platforms customized for every need
  • Drive-test - GPS and ITS location tracking with results overlay
  • Unattended, 24/7 testing to ensure reliability of 911 services
  • End-to-end device testing independent of underlying network
  • Perform Voice Quality, Delay, Echo and Signal Quality Measurements
  • Perform Video Conference Testing
  • Perform Data Testing – a variety of tests supported, HTTP, Email, SMS, TCP, UDP, including Phone Info, Sim Info and Device Info
  • All systems are connected to the central system for remote monitoring, remote operation, storing and display of results/events.