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Ultra T1/E1 Analyzer Card

Portable USB T1/E1 Analyzer

T1 E1 J1 Intrusive/Monitor Switch
T1/E1 Multiport Repeaters

FXO RJ11 Hardware Tap and Audio Capture Software
Digital CO Simulator

Analog Phone Simulator
VQuad™ with Analog option

VoIP SIP Bulk Call Generator
Functions & Features

Available Configurations

Available Protocols

Voice Quality Testing

Remote Access (Client/Server)

Traffic Generation

T3 Solution

PacketScan™ - SIP / H323 / Megaco / MGCP / RTP / RTCP Analysis

PacketGen™ - SIP Bulk Call Generator

RTP ToolBox™

Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™)

IPNetSim™ - IP Network Simulator

VoIP ATA and EC Testing

SIGTRAN Analysis

PacketH323™ - H.323 Single Call Generator

CAS Simulator

Active Voice / Noise Level Monitor

Real-Time Strip Chart

Multi Channel BERT

Signaling Bits Recorder/Analyzer

DTMF/MF Transmit & Capture Digits/Tones

T1/E1 Call Capture & Analysis

Voice Call Management Utility

MFC-R2 Capture & Analysis

T1/E1 Record Playback Software

Transmit/Receive File Utility

Client Server Scripted Control

T1/E1 Traffic Classifier

DCME Test and Analysis

Network Surveillance System
CDMA 2000 Analysis

UMTS Analysis

MLPPP Analysis

ATM Analysis

GPRS Protocol Analysis

TRAU Analysis

Multi Channel BERT

SS7(C7) Protocol Analysis

GSM Protocol Analysis

ISDN Protocol Analysis

HDLC Analysis

GR-303 Analysis

V5.x Protocol Analysis

SA HDLC Decode/Store

Facility Data Link Software

Frame Relay Analysis

CAS (Channel Associated Signalling) Analysis

DCME Test and Analysis

Network Surveillance System

DCOSS Emulation

CAS Simulator

TRAU Emulation

PRI ISDN Emulator

MC-MLPPP Emulator

For testing ECs in a TDM environment

For testing ECs in a VoIP environment

For testing your developmental EC software without any hardware

For Voice Enhancement & Voice Quality Testing per G.160 & G.169

For Active Voice Level and Noise Level Monitor

Voice Call Management Utility

DCME Test and Analysis

Client Server

Realtime Multi-Channel Audio Driver

T1/E1 Development Toolkit

T1/E1 Traffic Classifier

Mux/Demux Software

Adobe Audition Software

Goldwave Software

File Edit Software

Voice Quality Testing


ITU Algorithms

VQT Detailed Analysis

GPS Mapping

Network Delay Measurements

Wireless Phone/Radio with GPS

Drive Testing

2-Wire Analog (POTS)

VoIP ATA Testing

VoIP (SIP and/or RTP Generation) Testing

VoIP Softphone Testing

Handset Phones (VoIP, Digital, Analog, etc.)

VQT Analysis Platforms

PC, Cable, Transformer Accessories, etc.

Telephone Handset Adapter

2/4 Wire Hybrid

Universal Telephony Adapter (UTA)

T1 E1 J1 Intrusive / Monitor Switch

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