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Press Release: GL's PacketGen™ Ver 2.12b
A Software Based VoIP Testing Product with improved featured

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - December 29, 2004 - GL Communications Inc, today announced the release of their VoIP Testing Product, PacketGen™ Version 2.12b. This release provides enhancements along with several bug fixes to the existing PacketGen™ Version 2.10. The enhanced features in PacketGen™ version 2.12b as announced today include enhanced Transmit/Record File functionalities, improved Codec display features in Manual and Bulk Calling, Receive multiple actions capability, User-friendly configurations, and more reliable Bulk Calling.

GL Communications is a company that has traditionally provided the highest quality testing and simulation equipment for telecom engineers. GL's testing tools are intuitive and easy to use - a hallmark of GL products. PacketGen™ and PacketScan™ product series are two such products that fall under the category of VoIP Testing Tools. They have been designed for stress testing, monitoring, and analysis of VoIP network elements. PacketGen™ is a PC-based real-time VoIP bulk call generator for stress testing and precise analysis of the VoIP network equipment. PacketGen™ Version 2.12b provides the following enhancements

Transmit/Record File Functionality: PacketGen™ now transmits and records voice files using a GL proprietary file format (.glw). The accompanying GL Audio File Converter Utility (AFC) will automatically convert any voice file, encoded as G.711, G.729ab, G.726, or GSM, into *.glw file format and vice versa. This allows the ability to send/receive voice files at a higher density with multiple codecs (the file is predefined with the desired codec). It also allows for Discontinuous Transmission/Reception.

Transmission functionality has been enhanced to automatically select the properly encoded voice file based on the current codec of the call. Automatic Voice Quality Testing is now possible using PacketGen™ along with the GL Auto File Conversion Utility.

Manual and Bulk Calling screens now display the selected codec in the call generation/reception screens as soon as the call is established. The codec that is displayed is also used for automatic transmission of voice files.

Bulk Calling has now been designed to support against momentary packet loss. If the TCP/IP connection is momentarily lost, PacketGen™ will automatically resume Bulk Calling once the connection is re-established. The System statistics and Call statistics will be maintained and updated once the network is reestablished.

Receive Actions has been enhanced to allow the user to start multiple receive actions (E.g.: Allow to configure PacketGen™ to record voice file as well as detect digits and play voice to speaker).

Setup and Configuration processes have been made user-friendly throughout PacketGen™. All Quick Configuration screens, including Auto Action and UA Registration Quick Config screens have been modified for easier control and faster setup. PacketGen™ uses databases, both at the GUI and the SipCore to store configurations allowing easier export/import functionality along with configuration backup.

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