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Press Release: GL Communications Enhances Echo Canceller Testing Tools

New echo canceller testing tools support improved voice quality

Atlanta, Ga. - June 4, 2002 - Today at Supercomm, GL Communications introduced its new and enhanced echo canceller testing tools - enabling communications carriers and equipment manufacturers to improve the voice quality of wireline and wireless networks. GL Communications is a leading provider of PC-based telecommunications test, analysis and simulation products.

"Echo cancellers are critical to the provision of high-quality calls and good service, ingredients that have a major impact on customer retention and revenues for communications carriers," said Vijay Kulkarni, president and CTO of GL Communications. "GL is now adding to and enhancing its comprehensive set of echo canceller testing tools to assist our customers in improving the quality of calls they provide."

GL offers a wide range of G.168 echo canceller compliance testing and measurement software applications to handle everything from quick testing and verification to testing of very complex scenarios involving large networks. These applications can be used to simulate speech, add background noise, and measure delays through a variety of network configurations, including conventional telephone networks, networks with satellite connectivity, and wireless networks.

The new features and enhancements announced today include:

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) within GL's Windows Client/Server

    The Windows Client/Server software provides the user of T1/E1 analysis cards with the capability of remote operation, automation and multi-site connectivity, and now with a wide array of DSP functions. Complex echo paths, as well as complex block diagram operations, can be easily simulated. Automating these functions offers the major advantage of a more comprehensive, ongoing, accurate tracking system.

  • 2/4 Wire Hybrid Characterization

    Tailored specifically to echo cancellers, the 2/4 Wire Hybrid Characterization is an optional new measurement tool now available with GL's user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). The impulse response of any hybrid or filter is determined by using "input to" and "output from" PCM files. Either of two recommended methods in G.168 specifications - least-squares (LS) algorithm or normalized least-mean square (NLMS) algorithm- can be used to compute the impulse response. A graphical, tabular, and spectral representation of the impulse response is provided for comprehensive analysis.

  • AutoECTest

    The AutoECTest application allows the user to automatically test an echo canceller's performance per the ITU-T G.168 specification. GL has now upgraded this popular test tool to include tests for tone disable, low speed modems, and fax - providing more comprehensive testing for a wide variety of network applications and services.

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