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Wireless Communications

Broadband/WiMAX Capabilities (Mobile and Fixed)

GL has extensive knowledge of broadband/WiMAX technology (IEEE 802.16d and IEEE 802.16e). We can help you implement broadband/WiMAX services (fixed and mobile) in following ways.

  • Setup WiMAX test lab at your premise
    • Conduct manual tests
    • Automate tests, as appropriate
  • Develop test plans, test configurations and establish performance benchmarks for:
    • Broadband data delivery for web surfing and e-mail
    • Real time and streaming video
    • Gaming and other applications
  • Develop standard access and core network simulation models to reflect real world conditions
  • Conduct field trials in testing
  • Rollout commercial services - IP Engineering, Base Stations, Repeaters, Antennas

Propagation Studies

  • Provided engineering services to conduct Radio Frequency (RF) studies and site survey of segments of an underground antenna system in tunnels and stations operated by a metropolitan transit administration
  • Provided engineering services and equipment to conduct Radio Frequency (RF) propagation tests and site survey of radio simulcast system along a light rail system operated by a mass transit administration
  • Provided radio coverage verification and link budget analysis for a tunnel radiax system
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