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Integrating Transit Signal Priority for MTA

Integrating Transit Signal Priority for MTA

Client: Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)


GL supports the MTA with integrating Transit Signal Priority (TSP) technology into 1) existing and future buses and 2) specific intersections located throughout Baltimore city. TSP improves transit efficiency by reducing vehicle dwell time at signalized intersections. This is accomplished by holding green lights (allowing the vehicle to pass through the intersection) and shortening red lights (reducing wait time).

Project Services and Objectives:

  • Prepare technical specifications, cost estimates, and evaluation criteria
  • Manage overall equipment installation, programming, and testing on nearly 675 buses and 130 intersections (and growing); spanning multiple bus routes throughout Baltimore
  • Coordination with Baltimore City Department of Transportation (BCDOT)
  • Provide survey and inspection services
  • Analyze system performance
  • Prepare TSP MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) between MTA and BCDOT regarding system monitoring and maintenance
  • Assist in determining locations for future TSP deployment