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Westview and Bush Tower Installation

Tower elevation and photograph

Tower elevation and photograph

Client: Maryland Transit Administration, Baltimore (MTA)

Project Services and Objectives:

GL Communications prepared sites for the installation of the Westview and Bush towers. The services included site surveys, soil boring log, tower loading study, FAA determination, FCC tower registration, vendor search, vendor proposal review, project management services during the tower installation. GL also provided services for other MTA towers such as TV Hill, Owings Mills-MPT etc. for antenna inventory and tower upgrades to accommodate additional antennas for the MTA including structural analysis and strength member upgrades.

GL’s work scope included:

  • Photograph and document existing tower assets and radio equipment
  • Prepare line of sight profiles
  • Conduct site surveys, soil boring and tower loading studies
  • Construction management of tower installation
  • Historical Preservation Act assessments and all necessary FAA and FCC forms
  • Initial site surveys and environmental assessment
  • Provide a comprehensive overview of the site and its environmental condition based on environmental assessment, helping Maryland limit its future liabilities
  • Develop Proposed Tower/Shelter Construction Checklist