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Training Manual Development and Installation Planning for USPS

Photo of USPS techician working on sorting machine

Photo of USPS techician working on sorting machine

Client: United States Postal Service (USPS)


USPS operates mail and package sorting machines at many locations across the United States. One of the main package sorting machines has many servers that provide various operational significance to the entire system. These servers are located hundreds of feet away from each other and the electrical noise within this environment is very high. On-site technicians sometimes are not equipped to rectify some of the more difficult issues that arise with these machines. The USPS routinely calls upon high-level technicians to help with these issues. The GL developed and installed a system to provide complete remote Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) controls to the high-level technicians so that they can remotely address the issues resulting in tremendous time and money savings for the USPS. High-level technicians are not traveling as much as before and the package sorting machines out-of-service time has dropped significantly.

Project Services and Objectives:

GL worked with USPS Engineers to develop a Work Order Manual (WOM). After the development of the WOM, GL trained USPS personnel on-site on how to properly install and test the KVM system. This was completed at many sites around the United States.

  • Develop WOM for USPS technicians to properly install the system
  • Provide training throughout the USA to USPS technicians to properly install the system
  • Configure, test and assemble site-specific hardware