Telecom Test Solutiions

Service Provider T1 ISDN-PRI Study


T1 call loading graph

Client: Maryland Transit Administration, Baltimore (MTA)


The MTA Mobility/Paratransit is a specialized transit service available to people, who because of a disability are functionally unable to get to a bus stop, wait unassisted at a stop or station or board or ride a bus or train by themselves. Mobility/Paratransit is a shared ride service offered from the first exterior door of your home or office to the first exterior door of your destination. The Contact Center helps customers schedule rides with the agency. At the time of this study, the Contact Center was equipped with four T1 ISDN-PRI trunk interfaces that provided 92 voice channels for system users. The requirement to do a more thorough study of the MTA Mobility call volume and MTA Mobility phone system performance was deemed necessary based on various problems experienced by MTA personnel.

Project Services and Objectives:

  • Understand the call volume handled by the phone system and determine if the system has adequate resources from the network side. Are the four Service Provider T1 trunks enough for the current call load?
  • Analyze the performance of the existing T1 trunks. Discover the likely root cause for failures of a given T1 trunk
  • Provide reports for call volume and performance observations during the period of study
  • Present findings to MTA-Mobility senior management and IT staff