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Motorola Quantar Base Station Optimization Procedures

Motorola quantar base tation optimization procedures

Motorola quantar base tation optimization procedures

Client: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)


WMATA currently operates a Motorola-driven 490 MHz Comprehensive Radio Communications System (CRCS). Technicians, train operators, police and fire personnel use the CRCS for daily duties and essential communications within the WMATA service footprint. The CRCS contains Motorola Quantar base stations. This equipment routinely needs calibration and optimization adjustments. WMATA technicians generally perform these adjustments.

Project Services and Objectives:

WMATA contracted GL to create a document that instructed technicians on how to perform the calibration and optimization adjustments. The purpose of this document was to provide step by step guidance to radio technicians for proper optimization of the 490 MHz trunked Motorola Quantar mixed-mode, base stations. These are digital base transceiver stations that operate in the trunked radio network. The procedures require a level of technical competence that the average Radio Frequency technician should possess.

GL’s work scope included:

  • Become technical experts with the Motorola Quantar Base Station equipment
  • Perform on-site calibration and optimization work and document the steps
  • Create Maintenance Cycle recommendations
  • Establish crew and time estimates for WMATA management
  • Establish list of required test equipment needed to perform adjustments
  • Create a document with step by step guidance on proper optimizations
  • Create a defect checklist for technicians