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Design Water Tank Railing Antenna Mounting Structure

Photograph of baltimore country water tank

Photograph of baltimore country water tank

Client: Maryland Transit Administration, Baltimore (MTA)


GL Communications previously provided services to design and install an antenna mounting railing structure for the relocation of four RF antennas, receive antenna mast with support rungs and one microwave dish and associated hard lines/wave guide on top of a Baltimore County owned water tank. Under the new upgrade GL replaced the old 8 foot diameter microwave dish and added another 4 foot diameter microwave dish with radomes requiring supporting structure for mounting. Other tower installation support services include nationwide several guyed and self-support towers as well as monopoles from 100 feet AGL to 500 feet AGL heights.

Project Services and Objectives:

GL provided tower equipment installation and services, such as inspection, site audit and documentation. GL managed the effort and provided civil and electrical engineering oversight. The addition of two new microwave dishes to the railing required structural analysis and structural upgrades.

GL’s work scope included:

  • Project Management oversight including design and installation plans
  • Document loading for Structural analysis to accommodate existing and new antennas
  • Coordination of tower climbers for site audits to document existing conditions
  • Installation design for antenna mounting railing structure
  • Tower site testing and inspection services for installed antennas and dishes