Telecom Test Solutiions

Contact Center Network Assessment

Traffic pattern graph and 'calls of interest' report

Traffic pattern graph and "calls of interest" report

Client: Maryland Transit Administration, Baltimore (MTA)


GL’s commercially available Passive Network Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems are web-based applications that facilitate assessments of telecommunications networks. This solution fundamentally evaluates and monitors the physical layer, signaling call flows and voice/data traffic. GL's solution is named NetSurveyorWeb™. NetSurveyorWeb™ is used in conjunction with GL’s protocol analyzer capture probes to non-intrusively monitor and feed data to a database where further analysis is performed. All data and network trends can be viewed through an easy to operate web browser application.

Some of the typical applications include:

  • Revenue and billing verification, alarm monitoring, intrusive testing
  • Enables independent review of Traffic Studies and Quality of Service metrics
  • Assessment of system performance and network health and/or “Events of Interest”
  • Call Detail Records, fraud detection, traffic optimization engineering, and statistics

Project Services and Objectives:

MTA-Mobility is one example customer where GL’s NetSurveyorWeb™ was utilized to assess call loading and traffic patterns. This analysis was used to make network configuration changes that resulted in optimized network operation. Additionally, GL’s solution was tasked to discover “calls of interest” and provide CDRs when these specific events occur. The solution was agile and versatile enough to quickly customize its inherent call filters and accommodate this request. This is an on-going effort providing daily and monthly network reports to the MTA-Mobility staff.