Telecom Test Solutiions

Comprehensive Audio Surveys for Public Address Systems

Washington, DC, USA

GL’s tasks included Public Address (PA) System studies and field test measurements. We conducted site surveys, testing and simulation. EASE 3-D modeling of stations was used for simulation to create graphics for Sound Pressure level (SPL) and STI. STIPA was measured by using a sound meter. Subjective testing results along with quantitative measurements were used to provide recommendations for additional equipment, changes to type of equipment, volume level changes, changes to speaker location or direction to improve speech intelligibility. Ambient noise was measured to establish noise levels that will interfere with PA announcements.

Performed site surveys, conduct testing, simulation using 3-D modeling, and post processing for analysis of collected data from the audio surveys. Provided specifications for PA equipment upgrades.

Example of Graphics for 3-D Station Geometry, SPL and STI Analysis:

Example of Graphics for 3-D Station Geometry
Example of Graphics for 3-D Station SPL
Example of Graphics for 3-D Station STI Analysis