Telecom Test Solutiions

USPS Nationwide T1 Monitoring System


Monitoring location for USPS projects

Client: United States Postal Service (USPS)


Enable USPS personnel to monitor and troubleshoot their large T1 network from remote locations.


GL created a tool to monitor a large collection of T1 lines, dispersed across the US, carrying critical traffic such as camera images. The project involved defining requirements for real-time T1 line monitoring, developing probe hardware and software and a central monitoring software and web server. The project was an example of object-oriented software design, with both distributed and centralized software components. Security was designed into the system such that only authorized USPS personnel could access, control and monitor the large T1 network. In developing the system, strict quality assurance methods were used to track and control multiple development and test cycles (hardware, software, web access, and database). Some important tasks related to the software architecture included Oracle database design that provided both real-time and historical data on the performance and quality of the network. Extensive testing of the software to validate and verify the integrity of the system was planned, documented, and executed.

GL leveraged their T1E1 switch for this project.